Link Building Services

We offer smart Link Building Services that discover for you new links with very low cost, links found by our algorithm can boost your keywords ranking on specific keywords and generate organic traffic that you will keep after you stop paying.

Brand Management Software

We help you search your brand comments in multiple websites around the world. This brings even more control over the way your brand it is perceived. Many people search about your brands in forums, blogs or other places where they discuss or review the benefits of a service, then you have a chance to convince them to buy. 

Easily discover quality leads

Our automated search engine will help you discover fast new places where you can post your links. You search your keywords and we will list the places where you can post you links. Pages that are found by us contain does keywords and you can start posting right away. Once you have posted you can mark them for tracking.

99% reduced posting time.

The form is filled automatically and you just need to check or change the default data for the ad. In this way you are personalizing the information for each site. We do not submit generated data because this will trigger Google's boot penalizations, instead every page will have a different content.

Add your sites, create your database

Even do we provide and daily update our database of sites. You can add any site you find and make it available to your employees. You will build your own database of sites and eventually you can use this database for other SEO/Leads campaigns.

Manage Employees

All ads added can be assigned to employees you invite in the system, in this way you track the work done and manage by result. They comment or ad ads to various websites and all the links they put can be tracked inside the system.