Ad posting software

Ad Posting Software

Marketing specialists could introduce their products to millions of people with a help of professional  ad posting softwareClassifieds sites are good if they promote only certain keywords and are dedicated to certain clear categories. Sites like craigslist DOT org are spammed every day with ads (the same old ads) and the users will find VERY difficult to find ads. It is very bad for marketing to think they are the best. You will not find many customers on it because you are one of to many that post ads.

Our software will not post to it in automatic mode. We will develop something for CL but it will be the best manual "ad posting software" for CL ever done. At the moment we concentrate in making a nice network of websites(classifieds) that will allow you to get new clients for a long period of time.

Free ad posting software will give you the possibility to post to a few sites but a professional ad posting site will allow you to keep an eye on your postings once they are online. If you do not use software, you will not be able to see how many people clicked on your ads. Using ad posting software will help you get an idea of how much exposure each ad is getting. You can then make some changes to your ads or choose to renew them in order to get more exposure.

Why use ad posting software?

The most basic way for us to advertise on the Internet is by submitting ads to various online advertising mediums: free-for-all or FFA sites, classifieds sites, forums, announcement lists, mailing lists, and search engines to name a few. Only a few of this actions can be automatized. Submitting ads to classifieds sites it is on of them.
Ad submitters do this for us by automatically placing our ad on multiple sites at the same time. Among the mediums that ad submitters effectively place ads to, the most successful ones are probably the classifieds sites. Mailing lists and special non-advertising forums where you can't advertise everywhere and in any way you like are not automatized well. However, very few ad submitters submit to these with satisfaction. Don't worry !

Top features of this ad posting software

 In order to know which site has brought you more visitors we are providing you statistics for each ad. This is very useful in case you want to directly contact the sites owners and make a special deal with them.

 In order to have in depth view of the answer we received, after we attempted to post your ad, you are able to view the response the website gave us.

 This software should help you save time and gain real interested visitors. In order to do this we are providing full automation of the posting process. After you click the "Start Posting" button you can relax and think on the next ad you want to post.