Classified Ads Submitter

This software will semi-automatically (99% reduced posting time) submit your commercial ads to many different free sites. This is far more efficient than the automatic version because it creates unique micro articles that target specific keywords. Register your account with us and automatically begin your promotion campaigns. Download from the right. more about ad posting software

10. July 2018: We went commercial with our professional SEO management solution.

10. January 2016: We went commercial with our professional ad posting services.

20. September 2014: The software has a new version. Download and share.

28. February 2013: The software has relaunched his presentation site.

09. September 2011: Official launch of the software will be done on 1 July 2012.

09. September 2011: The software has launched his presentation site.

Why use ads submitters and ads posting services?

The most basic way for us to advertise on the Internet is by submitting ads to various online advertising mediums: free-for-all sites, classifieds sites, forums, blogs, announcement lists, mailing lists, and search engines to name a few. Only a few of this actions can be automatized. Our software for ad submitting automatizes some actions required for posting. This helps the user focus on the content of the ad instead of filling unnecessary details all the times. It reduces cost for submiting ads and by doing this allows you to post a huge number of ads covering multiple kewords.

Classifieds Ads Submitter - Business Goals

Classifieds site submission can greatly increase your profits, traffic, leads, and generate more sales without costing you any extra money in advertising costs after you stop using it.

Promotional strategies with this ad submiter

Typically it takes 5 to 10 minutes to type in one ad by hand, with our software takes only 5 seconds. Think of the time you would spend getting the word out on your product, service, or business. The key to effective marketing is getting your message out on a regular and repeated basis. Do you have the time to spend typing in ads to different classified sites? If no then a classified submitter may be the answer for your business.

Top features of this ad submiter

All ads added can be assigned to employees you invite in the system, in this way you balance the work done and manage by result, you can have individual campaigns for your clients.

You can add any site and make it available to your employees. You are not limited by our database, you create your own database personalized for your market needs.